Breathe Fresher – Air Purifier Review

In my last blog post I wrote about some techniques to manage the effects of Delhi air better.  A lot of people have been asking me about my take on air purifiers so I thought I’d share my detailed review here.  Last week I was invited to a meeting on the other side of town. But I woke up feeling nauseous, with a headache, and it felt like there was a cloud of fog surrounding my brain. I was very tempted to cancel but didn’t want to be rude. It was only when I checked the news that I saw the alarmingly high pollution levels in Delhi that day (+900!). A “normal” Delhi day is around 300 and safe levels are below 50. I realized my illness was not because of something I ate or a viral but most likely attributed to the condition of our air.

That’s when I decided enough is enough & I went out and got Havells’ Freshia Air Purifier to see if it could make a difference. When I checked it out in the showroom I was really impressed by its features & shiny display model. But the inner skeptic in me, wouldn’t be convinced until I had a chance to try it out in my natural habitat. So I took it with me to a newly constructed house covered in dust, an overzealous puppy & tons of people walking in & out seeing the new house (without removing their shoes at times – I know, fellow OCD’s can you imagine my horror?!) & most importantly my office which to be honest doesn’t get cleaned properly.


I tried it out both at home & in the office and was pleasantly surprised as I got to test out all the features and see how it actually works. I kept it on the whole time. The only time it was switched off was to move it around. I had to figure out the appropriate purifier-vaastu after all (just kidding). Actually, I wanted to test it out in different areas to see if there was a differential impact. What I noticed immediately was that when I turned it on the PM2.5 levels in the room were an alarming 500. I thought it might be an error but after about an hour I saw the levels slowly started decreasing.

It’s unique from other brands because of its thorough 9 stage filtration process (most brands have a maximum of 5). Each stage filters the air removing the larger particles which are above 0.3 microns to the smallest air borne bacteria. Freshia filters dust particles, removes odour, breaks down harmful gases & kills air borne bacteria.

The dial at the top indicates the existing level of PM2.5 in the room. Within an hour or so, the levels started dropping. The colour of the dial indicates the danger level and gradually transforms from Red to Amber to Yellow to Blue & finally Green when we reach levels below 50 which is what’s considered safe.

One of my favourite features is Sleep Mode where it seems like Freshia is off but thanks to the noiseless BDC motor it’s running without the lights & sound. This was helpful because I’m a light sleeper and didn’t want to be disturbed throughout the night.

It’s also equipped with an automatic filter replacement reminder which is helpful, an air purity indicator, & dust sensor. Child lock is a bonus if you have kids or an excited puppy at home like me who wants to inspect every new gadget. Freshia also has a built-in humidifier (with an added filter for the water being used in the humidifier as well!) which is great especially if you tend to get dry skin with all the AC’s & heaters we use.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to improve your indoor air quality. Do check-out my other post to know of more tips to curb the effects of pollution. Stay safe, take care of your health & make sure you take every precaution during this time!


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