Emotional Fitness

Most of us work on getting physically fitter but what about our emotional fitness? What’s holding us back from becoming who we’re meant to be? Most of us are suffering from some level of stress, anxiety & we constantly worry about things that actually never happen on a daily basis. This feels completely  normal but is it really? Sometimes it takes such a toll on us & then we only talk about it when it gets to be too much.

What most of us don’t realise is all that these feelings don’t just plague us for a minute or two and then disappear. They make themselves very comfortable in our head; they take their shoes off, snuggle in & make a home there! They affect the way we think, and consequently act (or not act). In essence, they hold us back from who we are meant to be. Instead of leaping right in and taking action, we start asking “am I good enough“, “isn’t it too late to do this now?” “Why’s she got it so much easier than me?” Sound familiar? But what if we could change the energy that leads to such self-doubt, questioning & inaction? 

We CAN combat those limiting beliefs (& flip them on their head!), come from a place of pure warmth & appreciation (vs. expectation) and actually take ACTION.

I strongly believe that each & every one of us has a unique purpose and has infinite potential – if only we can could tap into ourselves and unleash it . We can!

I’ve been doing so much work on healing the relationship with myself (yes, that’s a thing!) & embarked on this journey a few years ago- I want to take you all on it too. 

It just requires a bit of practice & training each & every single day. Just like working out. We need to ‘work-out’ our mind & become emotionally fitter 🙂

Time to live our best lives!

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